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Technology and methodology


Programming languages used

ASSERTIO IT Consulting makes use of cutting-edge programming techniques and advanced programming languages, tried and tested for application development.

For the development of web applications, programming is carried out in the languages JavaScript, AJAX, PHP and Ruby on Rails following agile methodology.

Alongside this, we continue to offer support and modernise legacy RPG applications for AS/400 systems.

Finally, the development of applications for Microsoft Windows environments is carried out in Visual Basic.NET. For example, ASSERTIO TPV and Solmicro-Expertis are developed in Visual Basic .NET

Agile development methodology

Agile development is a development methodology based on interactivity. Requirements and solutions evolve through interaction and collaboration between interfunctional teams. This has a positive influence on teamwork, given that functional tests and adaptations are promoted. Agile methodologies enable the development of high-quality applications in a reduced period of time.

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