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Business management software for companies with IBM i servers


ASSERTIO IT Consulting is an IBM business partner. Our professional experience has enabled us to develop business management solutions for companies with IBM i and DB2 servers.

The ASSERTIO IT specialists are on hand to help you with business consulting, analysis, programming and administration of databases, the development of special web applications and interfaces and the entire IT infrastructure for IBM i servers and previous systems (iSeries, AS/400).

The development of applications for IBM i servers with web interface

The ASSERTIO IT specialists possess expert knowledge of IBM i, (i5, iSeries, AS/400) environments, RPG programming language and the conversion of green screen interfaces to browser-accessible interfaces through LAMP solutions (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP/Perl/Python).

These open source programming languages are the most versatile and powerful for the publication and web applications. They are used to develop user interfaces to enable users to access DB2 databases and work securely from any equipment using a web interface.

We offer the creation of corporate software adapted to the specific necessities and requirements of the client. Our ASSERTIO IT Solutions team knows how to update and continue to benefit from programs and databases on legacy IBM i (AS/400) servers. All implemented functions are documented and user training is provided in order to ensure that the new applications and web interfaces for i servers are used to the full. Our ASSERTIO B2B solution is one such application.

IT infrastructure with IBM IBM i

Having a stable platform and operating system is the first step to avoiding interruptions and expensive maintenance procedures.

Our status as Certified IBM Business Partners qualifies us to sell IBM i and IBM p servers. This complements our programming, configuration and maintenance solutions for IBM i servers, enabling us to offer you truly comprehensive service.

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